About Us

Gridz Catalog provides complete solutions for building materials & construction equipment; decorative fixtures & fittings; interior designing products and other important things related to home building, land development, renovation and redesigning.  

Gridz Catalog invites builders, land developers, contractors and interior designers to explore the options that include leading as well as upcoming electrical lighting fixtures manufacturers and industrial plumbing services providers. It is a huge selection that is growing everyday with new companies being added to the existing list.

Gridz Catalog has classified the manufacturers and suppliers under different categories of building hardware materials. The visitors are provided options matching with their search results and also they get suggestions to refine their search.

Gridz Catalog follows a strict process of inclusion of businesses in its list. It is only after establishing reliability of a business that a construction materials supplier is listed in the list. The objective of making a catalog is to help the building equipment manufacturers and suppliers connect with the builders and interior designers.

Gridz Catalog is a complete online directory for construction machinery, products and building materials used by and related to building, development and interior design industry. It provides authentic information on manufacturers and suppliers – information that builders and interior designers can use.

Gridz Catalog has emerged as a single large source of information on manufacturers and suppliers of building materials including concrete floor finishes. The builders and interior decorators and everyone related to building industry are welcome to check available options and get the best equipment and supplies.