Gridz Catalog- One Country. One Grid

Gridz Catalog is a knowledge platform for the Indian building industry. We offer a one-stop solution for all building needs, for professionals and novices alike.

Gridz Catalog is the brainchild of Sunil Kumar Day and his firm Arkitekturel Grids- with 27 years of experience in a range of projects across the world and more than 150 projects in India. Some of these projects have been for high-profile clients while the others were purely to do social justice.

Gridz Catalog offers all the information a user needs with regard to any product- Availability; Dimensions; Colors; Specifications; Prices; Service Centers; Delivery Schedules; Dealers – most importantly lets the user rate products; services; follow-ups of companies, etc.

Who we serve: Entire Country – A To Z

A – Architects

B – Builders

C – Contractors / Cost Consultants

D – Developers

E – Engineers

F – Façade Consultants

G – Government Officials

H – Home Makers

I – Interior / Industrial Designers

J – JEs of PWDs

K – Knowledge Seekers

L – Landscape Architects

M – Maintenance Entities

N – Niti Aayog

O – Ordinary Citizens (Aam Aadmi)

P – PMCs / Property Consultants

Q – Quantity Surveyors / Quality Controllers

R – Renovation Entities

S – Structural Consultants

T – Technicians / Traders

U – Universities / Urban Designers

V – Valuers / Vendors

W, X, Y & Z – and everyone else